The Trail
Stage 9

Leskovica pri Šmartnem - Gorenje Ponikve

Starting at stunning Leskovica pri Smartnem, we have a full day where you’ll come close to one of Slovenia’s highest peaks, walk along famous paths, enjoy castles and finish at Gorenje ponikve. It’s a beautiful day, enjoyed by everyone.

Early on, we join the famous Levstik path, famous because of Fran Levstik, a Slovenian writer. One of his many literary works "Popotovanje od Litije do Cateza" (Traveling from Litija to Catez) discusses the culture, people and landscape of this area. Then we head towards Mirna where we rest at Mirna river with the abandoned castle overlooking everything from the hill above, creating a picturesque place to enjoy lunch.

From Mirna to Dolenja Nemska vas, it's all easy walking until we reach our destination of Gorenje ponikve where we enjoy a hearty dinner with a wide variety of wines. Here there are more reds and dessert wines available, along with the whites.

Stage Details

Stage Distance

32.0 km

Stage Duration

11 hrs

Asphalt Roads

16.0 km

Forest Roads

12.0 km


4.0 km

Elevation Start

505 m

Elevation Finish

265 m


680 m


930 m

Highest Point

680 m

Lowest Point

250 m
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