The Trail
Stage 8

GEOSS - Leskovica pri Šmartnem

We start walking again at GEOSS, the geometrical centre of Slovenia (645m).

While descending to the river Sava, we travel along a 2km forest road followed by 3km of asphalt and 500m of forest path. The final section reaches the river Sava at a point where we cross the river in boats. This commemorates the riskiest moment in The Crow’s Flight when the fleeing prisoners were rowed across the Sava in the dead of night, while Partisans and locals distracted the nearby German guard posts.

On the other side of the Sava is a meadow. We start with our steepest ascent for the day from 240m to 640m. The first part is a 700m path followed by 4km of winding asphalt road.

Before we reach Simnik, the asphalt road becomes a slightly descending forest road. After 500m there is an open meadow with a beautiful view, a perfect place for a Partisan’s lunch.

We then reach Rogačev grič, after which the forest road turns into a path and almost disappears at Arhov hrib. We then descend to Štangarske poljane, and it is beautiful; the walkable track is virtually invisible along this section, so you feel truly at home in nature.

We then make a 2km ascent up an asphalt forest road to Podroje (350m) and descend to Simončič (282m).

Before the last ascent, we stop for a drink of fresh spring water. We then travel along paths and forest roads to Leskovica pri Šmartnem pass (485m), and we are three-quarters of the way there!

This walk takes around 9 hours.

Stage Details

Stage Distance

27.0 km

Stage Duration

9 hrs

Asphalt Roads

10.0 km

Forest Roads

12.0 km


5.0 km

Elevation Start

645 m

Elevation Finish

505 m


1030 m


1170 m

Highest Point

645 m

Lowest Point

247 m
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