The Trail
Stage 7

Kozjak Pass - GEOSS

Our day starts at Kozjak pass in the Tuhinj valley with a steep uphill climb along forest paths which turns into a beautiful meadow road. With a descent to Blagovica, in Crni graben (Black Gorge) we walk through an area historically famous for Rokovnjaci robbers in the 18th and 19th century where it is easy to see how this area would be ideal for them during those times with forest and quick escape routes.

After passing through some meadows and farms, the next stage of our walk is a steep ascent to Golcaj, where there is a beautiful little church and monument. It’s a lovely spot to rest while still being away from it all.

The rest of the walk today is slightly easier as we make our way to Geoss, the geometrical centre of Slovenia and our destination for tonight. Meals are large and delicious here, with a few unique offers only available in this part of Slovenia.

Stage Details

Stage Distance

16.5 km

Stage Duration

6 hrs

Asphalt Roads

3.0 km

Forest Roads

5.0 km


8.5 km

Elevation Start

658 m

Elevation Finish

645 m


840 m


853 m

Highest Point

894 m

Lowest Point

406 m
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