The Trail
Stage 3

Ribniška Koca - Radmanova Zaga

We begin at Hotel Kope (1,500m). This is the most demanding day of the entire walk with long ascents and even longer descents. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you!

We start from Hotel Kope and gradually descend with easy walking. We travel along paths, then forest roads and then paths again. At 5km it becomes a steeper forest track. At 7.5 km, we reach a gravel road, which turns to asphalt after 10km. At 13km we reach our lowest point of the day, the valley of Mislinja (522m).

From Mislinja, we start ascending again until we reach about 800m. Now we travel mostly at the same elevation with short ascents and descents. There is a combination of gravel, forest roads and paths with fantastic views to guide us.

At 20 km, we join the Šaleška pešpot (footpath) and move in the direction of Zgornji Razbor at 31km (885m).

From Zgornji Razbor we ascend another 3km on a forest road. We finish our day at Radmanova zaga (582m).

This walk takes around 10 hours, and we travel 34km. Once this day is done, you’ll find the rest of the tour less taxing.

Better yet, on Day 3 every walker will have a part body massage to revitalise your body and feet.

Stage Details

Stage Distance

34.0 km

Stage Duration

10 hrs

Asphalt Roads

7.0 km

Forest Roads

20.0 km


7.0 km

Elevation Start

1500 m

Elevation Finish

582 m


990 m


1908 m

Highest Point

1519 m

Lowest Point

527 m
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