The Trail
Stage 3

Ribniška Koca - Radmanova Zaga

Heading deeper into the forests, you’ll notice a slight change in scenery at times along with slightly more intense walking. With numerous ascents and descents, today is one of the heavier days of the trip but well worth it.

Passing through the valley of Mislinja then up to the famous Saleška pespot, followed by Zgornji (upper) razbo and finally Radmanova zaga, we cover a lot of ground and some famous landmarks.

With such a full day, most of our guests prefer to relax tonight. Our accommodation is lovely, with comfortable rooms for you to get some space. Tonight is a traditional Slovenian dinner, starting with soup. You’ll notice most meals are three courses here. As always, you have the option to sample a selection of wine and drinks from the region. Here, Slovenia is more famous for its white wines, which are not always served chilled.

Stage Details

Stage Distance

34.0 km

Stage Duration

10 hrs

Asphalt Roads

7.0 km

Forest Roads

20.0 km


7.0 km

Elevation Start

1500 m

Elevation Finish

582 m


990 m


1908 m

Highest Point

1519 m

Lowest Point

527 m
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