The Trail
Stage 2

Lovrenc - Ribniška Cottage

Today is a little more demanding. We begin in the centre of Lovrenc na Pohorju (440m) on the main Lovrenc to Pesek asphalt road.

We walk 1.4km then turn right. After 500m we leave the asphalt for the walk to Kogler farm (627m); the family were Partisans during WWII. Under the shadow of an old lime tree, we enjoy the beautiful view of Lovrenc.

The forest road continues gradually uphill. At 4.5km we join the hiking path from Lovrenc to the Lovrenc lakes. From now on the walk winds through beautiful trails and natural surroundings typical of Pohorje. Not too steep, but we are continuously gaining altitude until we reach the famous open wetlands of Pohorje (1,500m).

We then descend 200 metres until we reach Šiklarica Pass and turn uphill again to Ribniški vrh, the highest point on the Crows Flight (1,537m).

If time permits we’ll visit a nearby lake, Ribniško jezero.

Once we reach Hotel Kope the views are incredible; vistas to the Austrian border and back to Maribor for 30km or more in several directions.

Day 2 is a steep walk, which takes around 6 hours at a regular pace. You won’t be focussed on the grade as the view is spectacular.

Stage Details

Stage Distance

17.0 km

Stage Duration

6 hrs

Asphalt Roads

2.0 km

Forest Roads

1.5 km


13.5 km

Elevation Start

440 m

Elevation Finish

1500 m


1330 m


270 m

Highest Point

1537 m

Lowest Point

440 m
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