The Trail
Stage 11

Dolenjske Toplice - Otok

Leaving the wellness and spa area of Dolenjske toplice, we explore forests, farms, vineyards, castles, a quaint railway station and we end at the incredible Dakota plane in Otok.

Our morning is a mixture of asphalt and forest roads as we wind our way towards Semič. Before we begin our steep descent into Semič, you can look out over the whole valley straight through to Croatia. It is a spectacular view of the villages and mountains, especially on a clear day.

Upon reaching Semič, you’ll enjoy the town briefly, before we head off to Otok. The path to Otok is on the main road but it is still lined by picturesque homes and forest. As we turn the corner, you’ll see the Dakota plane in the distance. A sense of pride washes over our guests as the realise how much they have achieved on this journey and that they completed it.

Stage Details

Stage Distance

31.0 km

Stage Duration

10 hrs

Asphalt Roads

26.0 km

Forest Roads

5.0 km



Elevation Start

180 m

Elevation Finish

150 m


500 m


530 m

Highest Point

530 m

Lowest Point

150 m
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