The Trail
Stage 10

Gorenje Ponikve - Dolenjske Toplice

Time to say goodbye to the gorgeous Gorenje ponikve (266m).

We begin the day on a busy asphalt road. At the first junction, we join a quieter, slightly ascending road followed by an ascent. We reach the day's highest point (408m) just before we get to Smaver.

Leaving Smaver, we take a steep descent until we arrive at a junction in Rdeci kal (290m) where our route turns from asphalt to a picturesque forest road.

At 12km, the forest road turns into a barely visible path, surrounded by many sinkholes. We will be carefully helping you to watch your step!

At 14km we come out of the woods to an open meadow. A good asphalt road takes us to Sadinja vas where, after 16km, we'll have lunch at Domacija Novak (250m), a local gourmet retreat. After lunch we take a gradual descent on a good asphalt road to Dvor (190m), followed by a flat path overlooking the river Krka.

We soon join the main road at Soteski grad and walk along this major route for about 1km. After leaving the main road, we walk 3km on a good asphalt road, and then a single track crossing a wooden bridge over Susica stream and arrive at Dolenjske toplice (175m).

After 29km we are all finished with Day 10.

This walk takes around 10 hours.

Stage Details

Stage Distance

28.0 km

Stage Duration

10 hrs

Asphalt Roads

13.0 km

Forest Roads

11.0 km


4.0 km

Elevation Start

265 m

Elevation Finish

180 m


470 m


555 m

Highest Point

408 m

Lowest Point

175 m
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