The Trail
Stage 1

Maribor Railway Station - Lovrenc

Today is the perfect warm-up for our journey. Taste of what Slovenia has to offer from the gorgeous landscapes, the tradition of schnapps, the fresh streams, generous hospitality and delicious food as we explore forests, steep hillsides and finish at a beautiful church in the centre of Lovrenc.

Beginning at Ožbalt railway station, we take the train to the gorgeous hillside where our walking truly begins. Ascending a steep hillside, straight into the trees, you’ll feel the rest of the world slip away as the sounds of the forest take over and you are immersed into the Slovenian wilderness.

After exploring forests and drinking from fresh, Slovenian streams, we finish by the church in the centre of Lovrenc. Here, we are whisked away to a gorgeous hotel for an evening of delicious food and wine. In this area, wines tend to be young and fresh, predominantly white. Alternatively, Slovenia has great beers, liqueurs and other drinks.

Stage Details

Stage Distance

9.0 km

Stage Duration

4 hrs

Asphalt Roads

1.0 km

Forest Roads

7.0 km


1.0 km

Elevation Start

300 m

Elevation Finish

440 m


430 m


290 m

Highest Point

630 m

Lowest Point

300 m
Essential Travel Information
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