The Trail

If you love walking, amazing villages, stunning vistas and country life, this walk is for you. We cater for those who love to keep fit, WW2 military history and offer a unique experience of the escape trail that freed thousands.

The Crow’s Flight trail is dedicated to Australian prisoner of war Ralph Churches BEM who led THE LARGEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL escape of WW2. Churches engineered the breakout by collaborating with the most successful underground army in Europe, the Slovenian Partisans. More than 100 escapees walked in light clothes, thin shoes and with little food for 14 days across Nazi-occupied Slovenia.

By contrast, you’ll see the same sights while enjoying comfortable accommodation, local food and we even carry your luggage for you. Come, join us and experience the Freedom of Slovenia. It’s a holiday and a glimpse into a history that you’ll enjoy forever.

Stage 1

Maribor Railway Station - Lovrenc

Stage 2

Lovrenc - Ribniška Cottage

Stage 3

Ribniška Koca - Radmanova Zaga

Stage 8

GEOSS - Leskovica pri Šmartnem

Stage 9

Leskovica pri Šmartnem - Gorenje Ponikve

Stage 10

Gorenje Ponikve - Dolenjske Toplice

Stage 11

Dolenjske Toplice - Otok

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