Finding The Heart Of Slovenia

Maribor - Semič - Ljubljana
10 days of walking Koridor svobode - The Freedom Corridor

a 12 day special tour package

August 28 - September 8 2024

An exhilarating walking tour into spectacular mountain scenery and historic villages, where you can experience provincial Slovenia's cuisine, wines, and history: rolling hills, baroque churches, gourmet food, and local spas.

Charming accommodation, provincial food, fine local wines, history, and hospitality are featured daily.
The walk starts in medieval Maribor and progresses to the Croatian border, ending with a day in Ljubljana.

 All meals and portage are included. Guests only need a daypack and personal items for walking.

29 Aug – Maribor

30 Aug – Kope

31 Aug – Topolšica

1 Sept – Golte

2 Sept – Kamnik

3 Sept – Trebnje

4 Sept – Dolenjske Toplice


5 Sept – Semič

6 Sept  – Transit Day – Semič – Ljubljana

7 Sept – Ljubljana

Day 2 – August 29 – Maribor 

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Day 3 – August 30 – Maribor to Kope

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Today, we head to the heart of Pohorje, an area famous for its rugged beauty. Streams, dense forests, the Drava River, and an organic farm are all part of today’s adventure. Starting at Ožbalt train station, we go to Stalag XVIIID before our walk truly commences. Then, it’s straight into dense forests near the Drava River. While it is steep to begin with, you are quickly immersed in the beauty of the forest and can leave your cares behind.

Be inspired by breathtaking views, gorgeous wetlands, an incredible 360-degree view from a tall tower, and authentic Slovenian hospitality. Today, we have a beautiful, serene walk through the forests, although it is slightly harder than yesterday. Throughout the wetlands, you’ll see pools of water perfectly reflecting the sky. The vegetation changes, and then we come to forests full of tall trees you can lose yourself in.

Day 4 – August 31 – Kope to Topolšica

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Today, we will explore the Loverenška lakes, cross meadows to Ribniška cottage, drink from “Lover’s Spring” if you wish, and then walk through to Mislinja. This path has breathtaking scenery and unique views, especially around the lakes.

You will fall in love with the first person you see after drinking from “Lover’s Spring”, which you can try before we reach Ribniška cottage for lunch. Ribniška cottage is a popular ski resort and, during summer, is frequented for its incredible views and delicious, authentic Slovenian meals with generous servings.

Gorgeous forests, a musical guest house, quaint farms, colourful beehives, friendly Slovenians and a famous spa resort are all packed into today. As we continue our walk today, if farmers are home, they often come to greet us and share schnapps, produce and stories. The hospitality and genuine enthusiasm for life are exceptional throughout Slovenia. Slovenians want you to feel at home in their beautiful country; today, they will truly show you that.

Day 5 – September 1 – Topolšica to Golte

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Little waterfalls, peaceful forest paths, clear streams and friendly farms make today’s walk different from previous days. As always, you have stunning scenery everywhere we go, finishing up at Hotel Golte, a famous and trendy ski resort.

One of the popular spots along our path today is the beautiful gorge of Hudi Potok, which is simply picturesque. As we climb higher towards Hotel Golte, there are a few spots where you can pause and look out over the valley to see how far you have come and what you are achieving.

Day 6 – September 2 – Golte to Kamnik

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Starting the morning with the most spectacular views from Golte, we descend and walk through forests to a quaint historic town. We are followed by a gorgeous baroque church, walk alongside a stream, and then climb the hill until we eventually make our way to a beautiful homestay for the night.

Today, there are more towns than in previous days, each with a unique look and feel. Slovenia has a rich, vibrant history, evident in how we explore it today. You’ll have the opportunity to meet locals or discover the architecture unique to each town we pass through.

Crossing Menina planina to Kozjak Pass is considered beautiful by locals and tourists. With a gorgeous pass in the Kamnik Alps, gorgeous open meadows, Črni vrh (Black peak) and ending the day at the highest altitude spa in Slovenia, it’s truly a day of beauty and adventure.

Meninan planina has breathtaking views, easier walking through forests and fields, and an array of wildlife. As with all our walking, Slovenia has a gorgeous mix of ancient, medieval, baroque, WWII, post-war and modern across the country, yet is untouched and non-commercial, enabling a unique European experience.

Day 7 – September 3 – Kamnik to Trebnje

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On our way to the geometrical centre of Slovenia, we will pass Črni graben, and the surrounding hills are historically famous for the Rokovnjači robbers of the 18th and 19th centuries. We also head up to Golčaj, with a cute little church, where we stop for lunch and the most enormous, amazing doughnuts you’ll ever have. Most of the day is spent in the forest and crossing undulating meadows until we reach GEOSS.

Crossing the Sava River is one of the highlights of our walk today, along with touching the geometrical centre of Slovenia in Geoss, beautiful meadows and gorgeous forests. At some point today, the path disappears; we rely entirely on our guides to take us through the forest. It’s a magical experience, making you feel like you are the first to enter this enchanted forest.

Day 8 – September 4 – Trebnje to Dolenjske Toplice

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A more leisurely walk today, through forests and farms, the opportunity to drink from one of Slovenia’s fresh mountain springs. As we cross through farms, you’ll see many of Slovenia’s decorated, carved barns and haystacks over a century old. With the mountains, meadows, and valleys as gorgeous backdrops, they look like they’re out of an old European movie.

Enjoy lunch at the base of a castle, explore forests, and enjoy easier walking and a gentler pace today. On our way to Mirna castle, we pass through beautiful forests, cross small streams, and pass an old wine press, which gives us great insight into farm life from years ago.

Day 9 – September 5 – Dolenjske Toplice to Semič

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Passing gorgeous rivers, we pass meadows, farms, and even a few small hobby wineries. Most Slovenians grow grapes in these areas, and depending on the time of year, you might be lucky enough to taste a variety fresh from the vine.

Cute churches, a unique river that flows through rock, not under or over it, stunningly blue and turquoise water, and castles being reclaimed by the forest are the highlights for today. Following the river Krka, we see watermills, bridges, historical buildings and mini waterfalls as the river weaves.

Soteski grad is the best-known castle we will see today. Once large and colourful, it is now being taken over by the forest, making the experience of exploring it ethereal.

Today, before we reach Semič, you can look across the valley to the mountains in Croatia. We get this stunning view after passing through forests. From here, we weave our way past numerous small farms with vineyards sprawling in front of them.

As we pass through, farmers often come out to greet us and share their produce. Proud of what they grow and create, they love greeting travellers and hearing about your experiences in their country.

Our final day of walking is predominantly along a main road lined with unique Slovenian houses and gorgeous forests. As we finish this stage, you may share drinks with locals and head to the final section. Turning from the road to the Dakota plane at Otok, a sense of achievement washes over you, having completed a walk through Europe’s hidden gem, Slovenia.

Day 10 – September 6 – Transit Day – Semič to Ljubljana

Day 11 – September 7 – Ljubljana

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