Essential Travel Information

How to Get There

All travel arrangements and documents, including visas, to and from Slovenia are the responsibility of walkers. The Crow’s Flight tour commences with your first night’s accommodation in Maribor.

A vehicle will take walkers from their hotel to the remains of the WW2 prisoner of war camp at Maribor for the first leg of the journey. The camp is where Australian Ralph Churches and Englishman, Les Laws, engineered the WW2 escape, believed to be the greatest and most successful in the history of WW2. The next stop is Maribor Railway Station and on to Ozbalt by train where the escape occurred and where the walks commence.

The 5-Day Walking Tour spends the first night in Ljubljana followed by a road trip to the mighty Sava River where that tour commences with a crossing of the Sava. The Sava was the scene of a daring nighttime row across the river by the escapees within earshot of German sentries. Walkers will relive that critical moment as they are rowed across the fast-flowing Sava.