Time for a Great Escape?

Feel the freedom of walking the trail of the largest World War 2 Escape; known as The Crow’s Flight. Travel by foot for 11 days; 285km with two experienced guides through breathtaking countryside. Experience the extraordinary Pohorje Hills of Slovenia from the Austrian to Croatian borders. Enjoy stunning summer views and beautiful local villages, eat and sleep in comfort at hotels, guesthouses and farms. All meals and luggage transportation are included.


The Crow’s Flight 2019

  • Slovenia
  • local guides
  • stunning scenery
  • mild weather
  • luxury care
  • changing paths
  • 285km
  • beautiful local food
  • enjoyable accommodation

The Great Escape Crew

Our crew is a combination of Australian (Neil Churches) and local guides. We speak English and know the history and the landscape of this beautiful trail end to end. We have handpicked the accommodation and meals for the entire journey and are looking forward to serving you.
Neil Churches

Neil Churches


Neil wishes to share his father's journey with as many folks as possible

Spela Strasser

Spela Strasser


Spela is an expert guide for the The Crow's Flight trail from beginning to end. Spela’s grandfather fought as a Paritsan near Kozjak Pass. She’s found the best accommodation and provisions to sustain us along the journey.

Matej Pistor

Matej Pistor


Matej, a leading Slovenian outdoorsman, has walked The Crow's Flight trail from beginning to end. As our pathfinder he’s worked out the most practical and historically accurate route.

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